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A New Pedagogy – Team Academy Mastery Programme

Team Academy is a pedagogical model which originated over 20 years ago in a university in Jyvaskyla, Finland.  The concept draws on the idea of the self as a resourceful and capable individual.  Through the process of team coaching, students undertaking a Team Academy style programme of study, work collaboratively to set up and run their own businesses as social or corporate entities.  Being financially and legally responsible for their own team companies, these Team Entrepreneurs or Teampreneurs are supported through their learning by experienced coaches with a variety of backgrounds in business and academia.

Coaches working in this model of delivery undertake Team Academy Mastery Training which is currently offered in Finland and Spain, and also in the UK where it is delivered by Akatemia UK (www.akatemia.org.uk) in partnership with Active Imagining through the work of our founder and Director, Elinor Vettraino.  As a trained Team Academy coach, Elinor has developed this model for both degree level programmes – she wrote and currently manages the BA (Hons) Business (Team Entrepreneurship) programme at Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln – and for corporate delivery through the team and organisational coaching work offered by Active Imagining.

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