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Emporium of Dangerous Ideas

The Emporium of Dangerous Ideas is a unique Scottish learning festival that takes place each year in June.  As a member of the Steering Group and an ‘Agent of Change’, Elinor Vettraino has been involved in the festival since the beginning, inputting a creative tension to the debate around dangerous ideas through the use of Forum Theatre based sessions, coaching models of practice and, in this year’s Emporium, literally diving in at the deep end with a group of training team coaches from around the UK.  The Emporium offers a way of developing professional debate around key issues impacting on the education sector, and Elinor is currently working on bringing the Emporium to Lincoln where she is now based.

For more information on how you can be involved in building this innovative festival in either the East Midlands or in Scotland, contact us.  Also check out the Emporium of Dangerous Ideas Facebook page at www.facebook.com/dangeroused